ENGLISH is a specialized portal that systematically collects, organizes and classifies information published on the Web and in the main press organs on organized crime. Everything related to mafias is reported: organizations, bosses and their captures, wars, massacres, protagonists and tools for the fight against mafia and other curiosities.

For each news item, the relevant source with hyperlink is given. Therefore, no responsibility is taken for verifying the information provided, which is left to the source cited. It will also be up to the reader to investigate the reliability of what is indicated and any updates in light of the most recent news events.



I invented, designed and built this site. I am Marco, I am 13 years old and I live in Rome. I also manage related social profiles with the aim of increasing the spread of the culture of legality and the sense of the state, sometimes in a joking way to bring young people closer to these less followed topics.